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Run Anywhere

The .Net client is built on .Net Standard so it supports Windows, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Mono, and Xamarin.

Easy To Use

The easiest way it could possibly be, developers don't even have to read the documentation to start implementation.

Deployed on Azure

Backend API is deployed on Microsoft Azure latest technology services.


.Net client is using HTTPS requests to retrieve data from the backend API.


.Net client has implemented an integrated caching so developers don't have to.

High Performance

.Net client and backend API are both built using best practices as lead developers would expect.


The easiest way it could possibly be

 CloudGeography cloudGeography = new CloudGeography();

 List<CountryCurrency> currencies = await cloudGeography.Currencies.GetByCountryAsync("USA");


PM> Install-Package AngryMonkey.Cloud.Geography

check out more on NuGet



 using AngryMonkey.Cloud;
 using AngryMonkey.Cloud.Geography;


 CloudGeography cloudGeography = new CloudGeography();

Get Data

Full documentation is on its way, below are some of the available methods you can use.
 // Get all available countries
 List<Country> countries = await cloudGeography.Countries.GetAllAsync();

 // Get multiple countries by their 2 or 3 letters code
 List<Country> countries = await cloudGeography.Countries.GetAsync("USA", "CA");

 // Get a specific country by its 2 or 3 letters code
 Country country = await cloudGeography.Countries.GetAsync("US");

 // Get languages by a specific country
 List<CountryLanguage> languages = await cloudGeography.Languages.GetByCountryAsync("USA");

 // Get currencies by a specific country
 List<CountryCurrency> currencies = await cloudGeography.Currencies.GetByCountryAsync("USA");



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